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January 2018

The news on the publishing front goes as follows: I still hope to do a couple more stories to complete the collection, The finger still shakes on the trigger, before, I fervently hope, plunging down the long dark well of the next novel (Working Title: «Wie Hunde im Regen»).

December 2017

Wotan 6 is now finished and delivered and I will keep you all posted on developments regarding its progress through proofs to publication (which should be in the fall of 2018).

July 2017

I’d like to complete the "final draft" of the novel and send it to my beta-readers for comments before the end of the year.

January 2017

I have been hard at work on the second draft of my upcoming novel.
For a while, I struggled with it, going through more than a dozen restarts in order to find my very own voice.
"The first draft of anything is shit."(Ernest Hemingway)

January 2016

Currently I'm working on a new novel called "Wotan 6" ...
At this point I'm still not certain whether the novel will work, but assuming it pans out it should be a "bigger" book than my previous ones, so with luck I should finish it in two or three months. Check back here for progress reports.